About Us

Who We Are

KAWA Pro Gear is a photography and lifestyle brand, showcasing handcrafted leather goods. We offer style with functional designs across our product line. Designed in Australia and handcrafted in the Philippines, our products are created with the new breed of photographers in mind…the ones who seek class and sophistication without having to sacrifice practicality.

KAWA Pro Gear believes in three elements – comfort, style, and durability. With these in mind, our products are made of genuine leather, a material that has always been known for its timeless attributes, and, in turn, has become highly prized and valued. We have also chosen the best leather makers, skilled artisans who stand by the quality of their product.

Aspiring to become possessions that its owners can be truly proud of, KAWA Pro Gear’s vision is not only to give countless years of loyal service to its clients, but also to ultimately become a lifestyle photography brand that will play an integral part in the lives of both professional and non-professional photographers.



In Pursuit of Meaningful Designs

In our pursuit to create meaningful designs that will cater to our clients’ needs, KAWA Pro Gear products are meticulously designed for photographers by a professional photographer. From conceptualization to the finished products, much time and thought is given to the whole process, all done to meet the needs of an everyday working lensman. KAWA Pro Gear’s distinct and unique product designs reflect in the visual aesthetics of our items, making them truly original and authentic.



Our Story

KAWA Pro Gear’s products are handcrafted in the Philippines by a gifted artisan named Ervin, who honed his skills by making leather gun holsters for the local police and private gun owners. Unfortunately, due to the influx of imported products that were more affordable than having locally made products, the need for Ervin’s products slowly declined. The demand for leather gun holsters had also become almost obsolete, with the introduction of plastic and carbon fibre materials to the market.

It was very timely that as KAWA Pro Gear was in search of a skilful craftsman, we met Ervin, and were able to successfully tap him to produce our products. It was not long until we at KAWA Pro Gear established a harmonious working relationship with Ervin. It gave him renewed hope for two things – the art that he had built his livelihood on, and more importantly, his family’s future. He not only found the passion for leather
craftsmanship for the second time, but was also pleased at the opportunity for financial security. Between him, a skilled artisan passionate about his craft, and us, a company dedicated to the creation of stylish yet functional products, we have developed a partnership that was solidified by the mutual respect that we share for each other’s expertise.

Presently, KAWA Pro Gear is experiencing organic growth, and we are excited to have more craftsmen join our team and help us cater to the demands of the market.