Liat Wicks Photography from the UK, an amazing Portrait and Commercial Photographer sharing her thoughts with some direct feedback and real experience using our KAWA Pro Gear products. Shout out to Liat Wick Photography for the great Blog and Reviews. Please check her link below sharing her experience with the KAWA Pro Duo and KAWA Pro Strap. Many thanks


  • A Gifted Street Photographer Eric Kim

    Met Eric Kim on one photography event held in the Philippines and he made a very insightful talk about street photography. His style is like no other, very bold, straight forward and authentic. This talented street photographer travels around the world holding workshops and seminars.

    KAWA Pro Strap For Your Camera _ Ibyang-1

    It was great to have our KAWA Pro Strap being reviewed and here is the link below.

  • A Husband’s Gift

    Who wouldn’t want to have presents we all do right? Specially coming from a thoughtful husband Chris Sanchez. It was sweet of him to surprise his wife with a personalised custom engraved KAWA Xplorer. Which we thought is an unusual gift to a wife.

    A short but sweet blog by Ibyang Sanchez about her experience with the KAWA Xplorer and used it during their trip in Korea few months back. Here is her blog link below.

    KAWA Pro Strap For Your Camera _ Ibyang-1

  • Where it all Started

    We have always been fascinated with leather. Throughout history, leather has been one of mankind’s most valued possessions. It has been used for shelter, clothing, weaponry, and many other purposes. In the modern times, leather has been treated of high value most especially in the fashion industry for its natural characteristics, durability, and timeless style. People have always trusted the strength and quality offered by the leather fabric. Owning a piece of leather product exhibits class, sophistication, and good taste.


    The idea of creating our own brand of leather photographic accessories hit me when I was inside a subway in Tokyo, 2012.


    Tokyo Subway

    Tokyo Subway , captured from iPhone

    I was there to photograph a wedding for a Japanese client. While at the station I was overwhelmed by the massive number of people trying to squeeze themselves inside the train. While I was waiting for my stop I couldn’t help but notice a number of guys carrying beautifully aged leather bags and briefcases on their way to work. I reckon they must have owned these bags for a long time now but the bags still look pretty good, and stylish too. Then it hit me like a lightning bolt… why not make my own design of leather goods for photography?  I know I see heaps of those but none would fit my taste and needs with regards to comfort and functionality. During those times I was frustrated with the synthetic camera straps that I owned. Photographing a wedding takes long hours and by then the straps would start to dig in to the shoulders and lead to shoulder pain. It was very uncomfortable. So I started to design a camera strap that is simple, yet functional. Of course, I wanted to have leather as the material. This would never go out of style and would surely last me a long time.


    Design Draft

    Design Draft


    Then I thought of giving my designs a name, one that would represent it once we make it into a brand. Just out of curiosity I Googled translations of “leather” in different languages. Just because I was in Japan, I searched for the Japanese translation first. The search results came up with “KAWA” – Japanese for leather. Not bad for a brand name at all.


    "KAWA" - Japanese meaning for "leather'

    “KAWA” – Japanese meaning for “leather’