• The Journey Begins

    Being a professional photographer for the last 13 years, photography has served me well both personal and business life. It has taught me a lot of things life. I am grateful to have met amazing people throughout my career and made friends along the way. I photographed them, heard their stories and learned a lot of life’s goodness. For the last 4 years I have also taught, shared and inspired heaps of photographers in Australia and overseas. I have learned heaps from others as well. An amazing journey indeed!

    Today is a special day. Another chapter of my journey which I am proud off…launching an exciting brand called KAWA Pro Gear. Through the years owning every photography equipment one could imagine nothing was too special for me to keep and cherish. I’ve always wanted to own a photography equipment that I can cherish and have the longevity that I can also pass to the next generation. So, KAWA Pro Gear was born.

    KAWA Pro Gear is a brand that makes a difference by making products that last. Products that has substance, creating meaningful designs, as well as taking social responsibility in helping local artisans in the Philippines.

    KAWA Pro Gear is more than just a photography and lifestyle brand but a supporter of local artisans by sustaining their livelihood, bringing more jobs and igniting back their passion for leather craftsmanship. This is what drives KAWA Pro Gear. Every product you buy goes a long way.

    We are excited with what the future holds. Join us in our journey and make a difference in the lives of others.