KAWA Pro Duo Unique Features

KAWA Pro Duo Unique Features

As a wedding photographer it is ideal to carry two camera bodies and lenses. This gives the photographer the ability to quickly and effectively capture photographs in any given photography situations, having a wider lens in small and tight areas and a telephoto lens when your subject is beyond reach. Having a double camera strap works best with this photography requirement.


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KAWA Pro Duo brings in a unique advantage for weddings photographers and family portrait photographers who choose to bring two camera bodies. We narrowed it down to three unique features and as follows:

  1. Weddings require long hours of coverage and comfort is on the top of the list. We’ve added soft yet strong internal materials to give that much comfort while carrying two large DLSR camera bodies.
  2. Second is to have the strap fit in place perfectly on the upper body without it shifting around. Bad situations can happen when you are moving around capturing moments and the camera strap falls-off the shoulders or annoyingly moves around the upper body. You can miss that perfect shot when you’re distracted with your gear. KAWA Pro Duo gives that snug fit with the option to adjust for optimum stability. So when in motion it doesn’t shift or move around the body.
  3. Third, functionality. With the KAWA Pro Duo it gives the photographer the comfort and fit they need. It also offers great handling when using your cameras. The screw mount system is a revolutionary design that glides fluidly as you from switch from  one camera to the other. This makes a photographer focus more on capturing moments rather than being uncomfortable his camera strap during the entire wedding.


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The ergonomic back design distributes the camera weight evenly to the core for less shoulder and body injuries. The KAWA Pro Duo is a perfect essential for a working professional photographer.