KAWA Pro Strap Unique Features

KAWA Pro Strap Unique Features

Comfort – When photographing long hours most leather camera strap starts to dig in to your shoulders causing an irritating pain. We’ve added soft yet strong materials to give extra cushion to the shoulders. It is remarkably comfortable.



Modern Style – Made for simplicity with fashionable and sleek design.



Durability – A Camera Leather Strap reinforced with unique materials for durability and lasting quality. The KAWA Pro Strap can carry more than 100 kilos in camera weight.



With it’s Ergonomic Design it conforms and adjusts to any body type for an excellent fit.


How it works

While developing KAWA Pro Strap the main three objectives were meticulously taken into account – Comfort, Style and Durability. With KAWA Screwmount system it glides with ease for peak performance. And this is what the product is all about – Simplicity with Functional Design.