KAWA Xplorer Unique Features

KAWA Xplorer Unique Features

There are two types of leather camera strap in the market made for rangefinder and mirrorless cameras – the neck strap and the wrist strap. Each has its own advantages and disadvantages.

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The Neck Strap is mostly used in street photography and when photographing the streets we would sometimes take it off our neck or shoulders and wrap it around our wrist. Though this is good it still comes loose eventually and the extra straps hanging around can be very annoying.

With the wrist strap it is a great option to use for street and travel. It secures your camera on your wrist while taking photos. But the only downside is when you want to take a break in between shoots. You’d have no choice but to place it back in the bag. The length is too short to carry on the shoulders and this will inhibit someone from being in the moment whenever you need to capture something quickly.

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This is what makes the KAWA Xplorer unique. With its revolutionary design you can enjoy the flexibility of having a neck strap and wrist strap in one beautifully handcrafted leather camera strap. With its classic design and modern adjustable feature, KAWA Xplorer is perfectly made for photographers who are in motion, freely capturing the streets with style and function.

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