Unique Features

KAWA Air Loop

The KAWA Air Loop is also another versatile leather camera strap for photographers who want to engage with their subject openly and freely with just their camera and their subject. The KAWA Air Loop displays a very unique design and any photographer can adjust the strap whatever feels right and best fits. We wanted to create a finger strap that is flexible enough on the photographers comfort level. Best for portrait session and street photographers who can tuck or hide the camera away from any subject in the street, making it a more unobtrusive way of doing street photography.

unique feature kawa air loop


KAWA Wrist Band

KAWA Wrist Band and KAWA Air Loop are the most versatile small leather strap in our product line -  both combines style and mobility. The KAWA Wrist Band is a fashion accessory that works as a leather camera strap for street photographers who carry two cameras. The unique feature of the KAWA Wrist Band is that you are able to wear it as a fashion accessory and have it as a functional wrist strap that can be used anytime you want to use your second camera body.

unique feature kawa wrist strap